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Disclaimer Notice

To our customers and potential customers and friends,

I am Archie Snyder, owner of Aladdin. I have been in the limousine industry for nearly 28 years. My web site, was designed and initiated to assist customers and further customers to be able to shop for quality limousines at good prices. Some of the limousines on this site are owned by Aladdin, but most are owned by customers around the country which are downsizing, updating, or nearly going out of the business. I have listed all vehicles on my site in good faith.

The customer who has a vehicle for sale, supplies me with the pictures,description, and condition of their vehicle. This is all I have to go on when I post in good faith. Over the many years I have saved people thousands and got them some pretty good deals. Unlike other web sites, we post for bottom dollar. This tactic generates more phone calls and limos sell quicker. We do not play let's make a deal, however, some vehicles may be somewhat negotiable. It does not hurt to try. Please understand, I am honest and very good at what I do.

Please also know that I am not out to screw anyone, even though I have been screwed out of monies owed me for the job I do. I post the car, load the pictures, put up the description supplied by customer, and get paid to field the calls and answer questions about limos for sale on my site, with the information supplied to me by the customer who is selling. Once you decide you want to pursue a deal to the end, you will be connected with the actual seller. They will in turn answer any more questions, and do all paperwork to make a good, legal deal. Aladdin is in no way responsible for the description I receive. If you incur any problems, after looking at a limo which you feel has been misrepresented by seller, I will immeditately take it off my site, or make a more accurate description. I am not out to waste any body's time or money. If you decide to move on a deal, before I will turn over the seller info, I need you to read this disclaimer, sign it and return to me via fax or email. Remember, in tough times, people are more desperate. Please ask all the right questions, and never send deposit money without looking over the contract, and if you decide to do a deal, talk to the customer, and ask them to send via email, any known problems or defects of the vehicle. We have only had 2 real problems, and both those vehicles were either removed or description changed.

I have read all the above info and agree to hold Aladdin harmless of any misrepresented vehicles listed on the site

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